How thick should a concrete patch be?

Air and substrate surface temperatures will be maintained between 50°F (10°C) and 90°F (32°C) during and within 48 hours of placement. Step 5b Extend and texture the concrete patch to match the surrounding concrete. Holes 1 inch or deeper require a concrete mix with coarse-crushed stone aggregate, which adheres well to existing concrete. Shallower holes need a sand mix.

Whatever type you use (both are available at home centers), follow these steps. For smaller repairs, chunks and chips that don't require a large patch tub, Quikrete concrete repair in a 5-ounce tube simplifies minor repairs and patches. Unlike concrete mix, which is a mixture of Portland cement, gravel and sand, the concrete patch contains polymers and additives to make them more tacky and flexible. It is important to remember that if there is an expansion joint involved (the specially designed joints between sections of concrete), the user must shape the concrete in such a way that it does not block the joint.

Simply pouring wet concrete into a hole in the driveway, sidewalk, or basement floor will not make the repair durable. These compounds contain cement, polymers, and other additives to fill cracks and form strong bonds with concrete surfaces. To underscore its brittle nature, specially designed joints placed in concrete help promote controlled cracking. The size of the silicate aggregate will cut through the usual shrinkage cracks associated with cover mixes used for concrete repairs.

Patching damaged floors and horizontal concrete surfaces requires a viable mix such as Henry's ready-mix floor patch. Understand that the wall patch compound is usually thicker than the floor patch, since it must stick to a vertical surface without running. Specially designed for smoothing and leveling concrete floors, this ready-mix compound works in basements, commercial environments, or other damaged concrete floors, both indoors and outdoors. A gallon tub covers 16 to 20 feet of concrete or wood subfloor with a -inch layer or fills multiple cracks and missing chunks in thicker applications.

Rust-Oleum Wall Surface Repair Concrete Patch is a two-part epoxy that users mix to form the patch compound. This 1 quart bucket of ready-mix concrete patch requires no mixing or mixing, so DIYers can get down to business without dust or messy preparation. However, for thinner layers, the flexibility of a latex patch may provide an advantage over an acrylic based patch.

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