How Thick is The Concrete in Parking Lots

Some Concrete parking lots only require annual cleaning for maintenance. Concrete can be an excellent choice for paving driveways, parking lots, walkways and other areas. Some parking lots that see seasonal or light use are only four inches thick with #3 or 3/8 in. reinforcing bars.

Concrete parking lots are slightly more expensive than asphalt parking lots, but they cost less in the long run. Others need sealing, crack repair, routine inspections, and a higher cleaning frequency. Extra tough areas of commercial concrete can be up to 12 inches thick.

How thick are parking garage slabs?

Otherwise, your contractor can help you determine the typical Concrete thickness for your type of business or home. There are also areas on most commercial concrete parking lots that need thicker concrete like loading docks or dumpster pick up areas. In most cases, however, six inches of concrete with #4 size rebar (1/2 inch grade) is a typical thickness that provides you with long-lasting support. The cost of the garage floor slab is divided into concrete cost and labor cost and an extra top coating cost.

If you’re considering pouring a new concrete parking lot or switching your asphalt parking lot to concrete, you might be curious How Thick concrete needs to be to support your building or customers’ vehicles.

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